Engineering & Manufacturing

IOSi caters to a unique array or multinational engineering, manufacturing and high-tech firms across the world. With more than 100,000 endpoints across 30 countries, we have worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as a trusted global solutions provider. Engineering and manufacturing firms world-wide depend on IOSi to keep critical systems; including advanced machinery and state-of-the-art production lines, running always. With clientele spanning more than a dozen industries, IOSi brings the experience and confidence you expect for your operation, whether large or small.

Our Industries:

* Lithium Batteries

* Graphene Development

* Metallurgy & Metallics

* Mining & Exploration

* Graphite

* Industrial & Resident Climate Control

* Electric Utility Hardware/Software

* Compressors & Cooling Systems

* Materials Recycling

* Aluminum Production

* Device Analysis & Testing