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Your business requires top-quality Internet service and support to compete in today's marketplace.

Does your business need an Internet presence? IOSi has packages that will suit your needs. From simple domain name registration to Web hosting & design solutions, IOSi has the IT infrastructure to make your Internet presence a success.

IOSi provides a variety of high quality, multi-platform web site and server hosting solutions. Our fast servers, "Class A" Internet Data Centre space, and superior technical support have made IOSi the ideal choice for many organizations.

Most enterprises today do not have the infrastructure that mission-critical Internet operations require, including redundant backbone Internet connections, UPS and generator power, and neither do we. That's why IOSi has partnered with Magma to provide our extensive Internet system infrastructure and server space. Our team supplements their offering with 24x7 service and technical support utilizing tier one name brand solutions from HP, Dell, WatchGuard, Sun Microsystems & APC. The ultra-secure Internet Data Centre is just one example of the extensive network and physical infrastructure we have in place to support every Web Hosting customer at IOSi.

IOSi's Web hosting solutions range from our virtual hosting packages to dedicated server & colocation services. A detailed comparison of these service offerings is located at the top of this page.




Unix Web hosting and Windows Web Hosting . These are the two most common hosting platforms available, together claiming the vast majority of the market share for professional applications.

Which Should I Choose: Unix Web Hosting or Windows Web Hosting?

Before you view the descriptions of each platform below, it is important for you to realize that it does not matter which platform or operating system you are running at home. If you run Windows on your home computer, this does not mean you need to host your web site on the Windows platform. The operating system or platform used to create your site on your computer at work or at home has absolutely no bearing on the platform you choose to host your site with IOSi. In summary, you may build a site that can be uploaded to either a Unix web hosting package or a Windows web hosting package.

Please view the brief outline of advantages below and choose the platform (either unix web hosting or Windows web hosting) that best fits your virtual web hosting needs.


The Unix web hosting platform is the most popular platform both in the industry and with our IOSi customers. It is widely regarded as extremely reliable and secure. 

Unix is best known for its high performance, stability and security among professional and advanced users. More than 30 years old, it is based on open standards and allows easy access to operating system applications and features. Below are several of the advantages of using the Unix platform for your IOSi web hosting package.

Advantages for Unix:

  • The majority of web creation tutorials and documentation refer to the Unix platform

  • Extremely stable, reliable, functional, and flexible

  • Well-established: been around for 30 years

  • Flexibility: easy to upgrade and expand

  • Scripting languages such as Perl and PHP

  • Access to vast amounts of freeware written for UNIX servers

  • Supports MS FrontPage extensions

  • Supports mySQL databases

  • Less expensive (starts at only $29.95/month)

Unix Web Hosting

Windows has the reputation for ease of use and administration and is popular for many new users. Windows supports tools and software such as Microsoft's FrontPage, Active Server Pages (ASP), and VBScript. This platform allows users with little experience in the fields of web hosting and development to get advanced features working fairly easily and quickly.

Advantages for Microsoft Azure & Private Hyper-V Microsoft Azure & Private Hyper-V:

  • Microsoft-specific applications such as FrontPage, Access and ASP are better supported.

  • Scripting languages for dynamic content such as ASP, Active Perl and Visual C++ 

  • Use of ODBC / DSN connections

  • Other powerful database tools

  • User-friendly

Managed Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a machine owned by IOSi but which is dedicated to a single customer. The customer doesn't need to invest thousands of dollars in up front hardware costs.

Our managed servers provide an outsourced hosting solution that includes server hardware, software, security, multiple internet connectivity, bandwidth and 24x7x365 system administration for a low monthly fee. Configuring and maintaining an internet server is a challenging, resource-intensive undertaking that requires considerable expertise and investment. When you trust your server management to a team of engineers and architects at IOSi, you are free to focus on your core business with ease and peace of mind.



Colocation allows you to place your server machine in someone else's rack and share their bandwidth as your own. It generally costs more than standard Web hosting, but less than a comparable amount of bandwidth into your place of business.

iosi offers unmanaged & managed collocation

Managed Colocation

Managed collocation is often referred to as dedicated server rentals. When using this form of service, IOSi will provide a dedicated server that is preconfigured to your specifications with selected software applications on it that your company can use.

In addition to this, IOSi is responsible for providing any software upgrades to the provided applications on the system and general maintenance such as reboots, hardware issues and any backups they may include.

This level of service is particularly useful to those individuals who are not very technically inclined or do not have the time or resources to handle the more mundane troubleshooting and maintenance.


If the technical requirements of running the server require applications that are not supported by our engineering team or you want to have more control over the configuration and use of the server, unmanaged collocation is typically the best choice. This is very different from the managed services though. Customers are required to provide their own hardware and manage all of the hardware and software on their own. This allows for much greater flexibility in what can be done but has the drawback of more work by you, the customer.