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IOSi Gains ConnectWise Fortify Security Certification

All of IOSi's technical staff trained hard during the month of December to obtain their security certification for ConnectWise Fortify which employs SentinalOne's Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) software.



When Steve Ellis was asked how he could ensure that his client systems were protected with antivirus (AV) alone by North America's largest IT Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool provider he had this to say, "As we go into 2021, we simply cannot ensure that end-users are protected from phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks using traditional antivirus alone.  Traditional AV depends on virus signatures which are updated daily and hourly in some cases, but become stale very quickly and do not provide complete protection.  EDR software protection doesn't just look at individual files on a system, but correlates and pieces the usage of these files together with other executables on a client system and checks if their combined usage is normal or safe.  It's the next layer in system protection and a game changer for overall client security".


What can ConnectWise Fortify do to keep your computing systems safe?

Persistent threat monitoring & prevention
ConnectWise Fortify enables you to focus on your most important assets—your staff—while leveraging our technology and expertise to respond to cybersecurity attacks before, during, and after an event. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your systems are tightly secured.

Customizable profiles & risk scoring
Get a grip on endpoint and user account security gaps to more easily identify changes needed in your security posture. Establishing profiles and scoring risks will help you set ideal alert thresholds to help stop threats before they occur.

Security operations center (SOC)
Morning, noon, or night, our fully staffed, Security Operations Center is at your side. The IOSi & ConnectWise Fortify Endpoint SecOps team is here 24/7 to detect, mitigate, and remediate any concerns or threats your staff are facing.

Compliance support
Keep clients compliant with server and account configuration reporting, coupled with SIEM log monitoring and management, to provide the right security measures to meet regulatory requirements (e.g., HIPAA).