IT Support

IOSi Becomes a Datto Partner

Protect Business Data No Matter Where It Lives!

IOSi has partners with Datto to protect critical business data on servers, personal devices, and in the cloud. Datto Continuity gives IOSi clients comprehensive tools necessary to protect your organizations files and applications, whether they live on local servers, end-user endpoints, or in SaaS applications. With a wide array of restore options to match any recovery scenario, Datto Continuity keeps business running.

Ransomware Protection
IOSi can quickly recover from a ransomware attack by rolling back their clients’ files to a point before the infection hit, without paying ransom

Peace of Mind
Meet and exceed your end users’ expectations by offering a simple, yet effective BCDR solution that nearly eliminates business downtime and prevents data loss

Fast Recovery
Cut out the stress and cost of business downtime by quickly and easily failing over operations locally or in the Datto Cloud

A True Partnership

IOSi and Datto’s Support Team is available 24/7/365 to help your business with deployment, management, or during disasters